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Based on Linux From Scratch



Welcome to what I call JayOS

This project uses GNU makefiles and Bash shell scripts to automate the building of a complete Linux distribution. All of its components are built from source. The result is a turnkey solution to creating a compact, highly-customizable operating system.

JayOS includes a lot of standard network security and filesystem tools, along with a full-blown development environment with many programming tools and libraries including gcc, gdb, ddd, perl, gtk, tcl/tk, php, ruby, python, qt3/4, and glade-3. See the package list for details.

A small footprint lets it run well on commodity hardware, but it can be configured to use extra RAM to run entirely from memory. And for the security-conscious among us, it offers in-RAM filesystem encryption with plausible deniability to provide a more secure mobile workstation.


Bootable Live CD image and its md5 checksum.
Bootable thumbdrive image for x86 hardware (md5)

Decompress the thumbdrive images with gzip, then dd to a 1 GB drive.

You can also download this project in either zip or tar formats.

Or you can clone it with Git by running:

 $ git clone git://

If you have a Mac Mini (my development platform of choice :) grab two 1 gigabyte USB thumbdrives and this image (md5) and follow these instructions, which will show you how to try out JayOS without disturbing your OS X drive.

Otherwise, I recommend downloading the latest ISO and either burning it to CDROM, or booting it under QEMU emulation to play around with.


The install documentation is still very much a work in progress, but hints can be found here. Some of the docs are a little old and a half step behind what is current, so when in doubt, use the source.

Security policy and practices.


If you want to build your own ISO image from source, (see why) you will need LFS, BLFS, and various other tarballs which are separate projects on their own.

To initiate, run from your home directory. It will clone this project from github, download the tarballs from S3 storage, and then build the entire operating system automatically.
$ /lfs/build/JayOS/scripts/

A brief explanation of what does.

This all works best when launched from the shell prompt of the Live CD. Building from other Linux distributions has yet to be tested, so YMMV.

Additional resources for the official LFS Live CD.



James Lewis (jaynetorg at yahoo)